Uli Schillebeeckx

About Me

I graduated with a master’s degree in photography in 2001 @ Sint Lukas, Brussels and started working during my studies. I've always worked as a photographer, some years more intensively than others:
- several years for Dominique Models, the largest modelling agency of the Benelux,
- 3 years as a fulltime independent photographer,
- 4 years as a product photographer for an international company that sells cutlery, glasses and porcelain.

When I became a mother, child photography took a greater part in my life. Since I have always cherished my inner child, I know how to play, have fun and act as a kid. Although patience is not one of my virtues, that totally changes whilst working with kids. I wait for them to trust me and open up.

Product shots challenge me in a different way. I love working with products because they are static and my inner perfectionist loves the solitary moments in the studio where all changes in lighting or setting are on me.

I'd love to hear from you!

Kiewitstraat 117
3070 Kortenberg

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